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Welcome to Makotokai

Dear Friends!

Welcome to the official home page and educational website of Makotokai International. We have created this site in order to make it possible for people to study the disciplines of: Makotokai Karate, Tai Chi Chuan, Pa Kwa Chang, Xing Yi, and Qi Gong. Never before has there been an attempt quite like this. Our knowledge is more expansive than that provided by any other school or Master and we are making this knowledge more available than any school or Master has ever done before.

We are using the technology of our era to bring you traditional knowledge that has almost been lost. In the on-line educational area of the website, you will find hundreds of didactical videos and countless special exercises to develop your abilities. Our unique programs, divided into skill levels, are based on a worldwide well-proven didactical system.

No more mysteries or unprepared instructors! Our transparent system will have a great impact in the world of martial arts because we are making the learning process easier and faster. Students from all over the world will be able to learn new programs, examination programs, and how to improve in a variety of disciplines.

Remember, the only limits are the ones we set ourselves, and since we at Makotokai International do not believe in limits, we have no secrets and hide nothing from our students. Knowledge is meant to be shared and spread, not kept to oneself. But there IS one secret to success: hard work. Enjoy!

We hope you will like our work. Thank you very much.

Paolo Bolaffio
Founder of Makotokai

“If it can be proven, then it works.”
Makotokai motto

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On-line Education

Get personal access to multimedia on-line education. Programs for all the belts, instructors and newcomers. Study, learn and increase your efficiency. Read more ...

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