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Live Online Lessons

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Always wished to learn the true Chinese martial arts, but never had neither the time nor the recourses to travel? Wished to do Karate, but never had the courage? Now we come straight to your home, weekend retreat, hotel or dojo through online courses.


In the recent times when the world paused and closed its doors, we followed what any real Taoist would do, took a leap forward and opened ours wide - online. 

All of our knowledge is now available at your doorstep, just a click away.

We invite you to participate at our newly formed online courses that became a mega-hit over the night and are followed by hundreds of people worldwide.


What lessons can you attend?

  • Chinese Internal martial arts (all levels):

  • Tai Chu Chuan (for all styles)

  • Qi Gong (revitalize your energy)

  • Ticao Shu Gong (stay flexible and young in your body and mind)

  • Baguazhang (the true art of Masters)

  • Makotokai Karate (founded by Sensei Paolo Bolaffio)


Our online courses are held live on Zoom platform in English and/or in Italian.

Lessons are taught from Master Paolo Bolaffio and his best disciples.


The online courses are suitable for individuals as well as gyms.


Are you having a dojo of your own and wish to participate with your whole class? We can organize custom-made online seminars. In this way we helped build up already few of our affiliated dojos across Europe.


Please leave us a message ( and let us know what discipline you would be interested in, so we can get back to you.


Would you like to participate at a trial lesson of your own choice? Write us: and we will send you a link to a live lesson.


Become a part of our international online community! Keep learning and training from wherever you are. We are following your steps and taking care of your progress through our online courses.

go to Live Online Lessons

“If it can be proven, then it works.”
Makotokai motto

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On-line Education

Get personal access to multimedia on-line education. Programs for all the belts, instructors and newcomers. Study, learn and increase your efficiency. Read more ...

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