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Makotokai Academy

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Welcome to Makotokai

Dear Friends!
Welcome to the official home page and educational website of Makotokai International. We have created this site in order to make it possible for people to study the disciplines of: Makotokai Karate, Tai Chi Chuan, Pa Kwa Chang, Xing Yi, and Qi Gong. Never before has there been an attempt quite like this. Our knowledge is more expansive than that provided by any other school or Master and we are making this knowledge more available than any school or Master has ever done before. 


Makotokai Saukoritsu No Ugoki Karate.
The efficient karate way. It is not every day that a new karate style is born, especially not from an Italian master to whom even the Japanese are now coming for knowledge. Makotokai Karate is now an official karate style recognized around the world. Makotokai Karate is efficient, tested in self-defense, and is winning both competitions and the hearts of many who want to learn karate primarily for its health benefits. It doesn’t sound like ordinary karate and yet it is what all karate disciplines should be: incredibly efficient.


Tai Chi Chuan, Pa Kwa Chang, and Xing Yi: these three disciplines together form Neijia, internal martial arts. These disciplines are proven and tested to be excellent for both combat and health. If you want to learn the true practice of Neijia, you have come to the right place. Master Bolaffio brings you the traditional knowledge of warriors, unveiling their secrets in a practical way. There are no shortcuts, just condensed knowledge and the skills that will enable you to build and use your bodies from within. Remember, internal is much more powerful than external.  


Makotokai International is an institution that unites a worldwide network of affiliated gyms that teach and practice disciplines connected to Makotokai. Our mission is to spread our knowledge all over the world, so practitioners will become better, stronger, and more efficient. Remember, the only limits are the ones we set ourselves, and since we at Makotokai International do not believe in limits, we welcome with open arms anyone who wants to join us, to learn, and to study.

Paolo Bolaffio

Master Paolo Bolaffio is not Japanese or Chinese, but Italian. Who would have thought that one of the most prominent martial arts masters in our era would come from the land of pizza? But everything is not always as it seems in the martial arts. In fact, it is often just the opposite. Possibly the youngest 9th Dan Karate Sensei in the world, and at the same time a Sifu of Chinese martial arts, Paolo Bolaffio is the founder of Makotokai Karate and president of Makotokai International.

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