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Welcome to Makotokai Karate

Makotokai Saukoritsu No Ugoki Karate. The efficient karate way.

It is not every day that a new karate style is born, especially not from an Italian master to whom even the Japanese are now coming for knowledge. Makotokai Karate is now an official karate style recognized around the world. Makotokai Karate is efficient, tested in self-defense, and is winning both competitions and the hearts of many who want to learn karate primarily for its health benefits. It doesn’t sound like ordinary karate and yet it is what all karate disciplines should be: incredibly efficient. 

After a long trial phase, Makotokai is now accepted as an international karate discipline and has begun its journey around the world. In 2012, WUKO recognized it as an official karate discipline. This system and style of karate was conceived over a period of fifty years by Sensei Paolo Bolaffio, a holder of the 9th Dan. It is based on scientific studies and has been subject to continuous testing. It encapsulates reliable and well-tested values that come not only from karate but also from the Chinese martial arts of Tai Chi Chuan, Xing Yi, and Pa Kwa Chang.

Compelling and innovative, Makotokai is an effective form of self-defense, wins competitions, and is a healthy and suitable discipline for all practitioners. Its approach may seem paradoxical, because it is inspired by traditional styles but has been successful in attracting the attention of many Italian instructors, foreign instructors, and even Japanese practitioners who have started to see Trieste and Italy as a place to come and study karate. 

The Makotokai style is characterized by strong positions, though not stiff or formal. It makes use of fluid motion and contact with the opponent. The kinetic energy produced by the movements also serves to improve technique. 

A special synergy between teachers, different styles, experimentation, and passion has allowed us to bring together a group of high-level instructors. The innovative and spontaneous Makotokai discipline has attracted practitioners from around the world, including world-class athletes, but it is accessible to everyone.

“If it can be proven, then it works.”
Makotokai motto

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On-line Education

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