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On-line Education Area


Welcome, dear instructors, students, and anyone who wants to cross over to the Makotokai way! This is your opportunity to improve your martial arts skills by accessing structured in-depth multi-media learning material that will enable you to study your chosen discipline or disciplines using carefully prepared programs.

No secrets, no hiding. But, don’t forget, there is one secret to success: HARD WORK.


Contents of on-line education


Multimedia tutorials are divided into two branches: Makotokai Karate and Makotokai Neijia (with disciplines Tai Chi Chuan, Xing Yi, Pa Kwa Chang, Qi Gong).

Each discipline is further divided into sections for:
Students (from white belt to 5th Dan)
Instructors (Trainer, Instructor, Master)
Newcomers (this section is for those who wish to cross-over to Makotokai from zero or from any other Martial Art)

Each section is divided into levels, according to your current knowledge and rank. When you successfully pass exams, you gradually proceed to higher levels.

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Have a sneak peek of the tutorials and see what’s awaiting you in the realm of online education, once you subscribe and have an active account.

Sneak peeks of tutorials - Makotokai KARATE

Sneak peeks of tutorials - Makotokai NEIJIA: Tai Chi Chuan

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