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International Martial Arts Seminar 2023 - Bohinj (Slovenia)

Updated: May 17, 2023

The key event of this end of the academic year is just around the corner. Now in its fortieth edition, the Bohinj International Martial Arts Seminar thus reaches an important milestone to be celebrated all together as a big family.

The program will take place on the following schedule:


Wu Xing - Five Elements Qi Gong - 22/25 June 8:30-10:30


Kata Gogyo - The Natural Forces - The 5 Elements in Kata and Kumite 22/25 June 10:30-12:30


Baozhaqui - The Sphere of Fire - Form and Touishou - 22/24 June 15:45-17:45


Xangxi Yanjiu - Form & Study - Meeting of Hands - 22/24 June 17:45-19:45

SCC Close Combat

Moving and Evading - Using Items in Comparison - 22/25 June10:30-12:30

Don't miss it!!!

for more information or to register, call the Secretariat on 040 3220897 - email: or register online.


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