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Open Makotokai Championships of Ukraine 2019

On the way back from Odessa, where an Italian representative of the Makoto School participated in the Open Makotokai Championships of Ukraine 2019.

A wonderful experience for the whole team, we thank the President of the World Federation WKMO Master Paolo Bolaffio for making this meeting possible, the Ukrainian Federation of Makotokai for having invited us and welcomed us in a splendid way making us feel a real family more than just a federation.

I would like to congratulate all the over 350 athletes who took part in this competition showing a remarkable determination. A beautiful race, very hard and fought at all levels.

I particularly want to thank also the parents of our students who have contributed with their help and support to make this trip possible

Finally I congratulate the athletes of the Makoto team who have achieved splendid results by demonstrating a perfect attitude in the race. They return home stronger, with a very formative race experience that will certainly contribute to their personal and competitive growth.

This is the medal table of our team and some photos of this trip ... Congratulations to all ... OSU

Master Emiliano Hlacia

Best Kata Athlete of Competition

 Rivierani Angelica


Maiorano Rafael - gold medal

Gregori marco - gold medal

Romano Francesca - gold Medal

Rivierani Angelica - silver medal

Bolaffio Sarah - silver medal

Romano Marco - silver medal


Rivierani Angelica - silver medal

Fonda Eloise - bronze medal

Bolaffio Sarah - bronze medal

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