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You Long Gong - The Swimming Dragon Taiji

The great Master Paolo Bolaffio will guide us in the practice of this form of Taiji handed down from generation to generation and belonging to the Wudang school. The dragon was considered the most important among animals and had a very powerful life force: it could fly in the sky, walk on land and swim in water. A shape that stretches and strengthens joints, muscles and tendons, strengthens body-mind-spirit, focuses and calms the mind, massages the organs. Excellent as a longevity practice method, reversing the effects of aging, transforming stiffness, weakness and low energy into elasticity, strength and vitality. The Master will lead us to explore and deepen the techniques and movements of the system divided into three forms or moments.

Event organized by Yangsheng- Nonsolotaiji

Mobile +39 349 3005498


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